Monday, December 2, 2013

Getting back into it

Just wanted to notify everyone that I am back at it! I was just burned out of the hobby and needed some time away from model railroading and trains in general. I took out all of the bench work some time ago but I plan on getting back into the groove. So anyway the track plan will need some tweaking but I plan on reviving the layout. Thanks for looking!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Georges Creek Railroad

On the layout I also want to include a small tourist railroad. The railroad named the Georges Creek Railroad (GCRR) operates on the CSX Georges Creek Subdivision hauling passengers and all freight except for coal which is hauled by the CSX.

The GCRR operates across the line with a station for tourists and an interchange with CSX at Westernport, MD. They have an Ex Santa Fe Steamer that is in repair and a B&O SD7 and H16-44 that handle the mixed freight. The freight trains on the line are often sporadic and run as needed. The Passenger trains run by appointment over the weekdays and then make two runs a day over the week end. The main costumer for the GCRR is the New Page Paper Mill in Luke, MD.

I'm am quite aware of the currently operating Georges Creek Railway but I did not want to model that railroad becuase though it is in the correct locale I wanted the CSX and tourist railroad connection and CSX does not operate on the Georges Creek Railway.


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